Friday already?

A beautiful and unique sun catcher from seasonal vendor Glass by Max

Wharf scores and updates

Wow, the time is flying! So much has happened since our last update.

This weekend is shaping up to be super amazing! It’s impossible to use enough exclamation points to convey the precise amount of excitement.

And the photo above? It was supposed to be a father’s day gift but who could wait a whole week to uncover that beautiful glass?

This weekend marks the start of Hay Days Unwound. There will be live music and a weekly Meet the Maker booth. This weekend the featured maker is Elsie Canadien, Gah Tua Designs. On the sound stage, you can catch Lee Mandeville accompanied by George Mandeville. Check out the Hay Days Facebook page for more info!

Annnnnnnnd…… Fish and Chips make their return this weekend!

A full list of expected vendors will be posted later today!

Monday update

What a beautiful spot for a picnic

Happy Monday everyone! Vendor applications are pouring in and it’s a super exciting time!

Our hope is to be open this Saturday, that’s right, June 5!

Stay tuned for a list of vendors and of course what you can expect to see this season. The hopes are the tables will be making a return so we can start safely celebrating a return to previous years.

In the interest of full disclosure, the above photo was actually taken Friday. Not today.

Coming soon

What a long 2021 so far! Here’s to a fantastic summer filled with fantastic people and sights!

What to expect

An empty market pavilion, soon to be filled with happy people

The stalls won’t be empty for long! Exact opening dates announced so so so soon.